How To Restore A Person's Energy Field

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How To Restore A Person's Energy Field
How To Restore A Person's Energy Field

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A person's health largely depends on the state of the human energy field. If the field is weak or has breakdowns, certain diseases may occur. There are energy field restoration practices that can help even in very serious situations.

How to restore a person's energy field
How to restore a person's energy field

A healthy human energy field looks like an egg-shaped cocoon that completely surrounds the body. The field thickness ranges from several tens of centimeters to several meters. The thicker and more powerful the field, the better health, the higher the energy potential of a person.

The main violations of the energy field are a decrease in its thickness, curvature and breakdowns. A small thickness indicates poor health, may indicate an unhealthy diet and a suboptimal lifestyle. Curvatures and breakdowns are direct harbingers of disease.

Meditative methods of restoring the energy field

In serious situations, you should entrust the restoration of the field to an experienced bioenergy therapist. This is due to the fact that it is very difficult to work on your own field. However, such work can still be done.

You can use the following exercise to restore the energy field. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed in a comfortable position. If you find it difficult to sit upright, spread something soft, rest your back on a pillow, etc. The main conditions: the spine should be straight, your posture should be comfortable.

The task is to pump all chakras, from mooladhara to sahasrara. The exact location of the chakras can be found on the net. First, concentrate on mooladhara, visualizing the chakra as a luminous red ball with a diameter of about 5 cm. Concentration time is about 5 minutes. You don't need to spot it, work by feeling. It is necessary to achieve a feeling of warmth in the chakra area. As soon as you succeed, move on to the next chakra, etc. Chakra activation is a very good exercise for re-energizing the body.

A similar activation can be done at bedtime while lying in bed. After pumping the chakras, visualize your aura. Imagine it in dazzling white - the brighter white you can imagine, the better.

Energy gymnastics

An excellent way to restore energy is to use Hermes gymnastics, its description can be found on the Internet. A set of exercises allows you to restore the circulation of energy in the body, to raise the overall energy level.

Chinese Taijiquan gymnastics is perfect for restoring energy. Its main advantage is that even elderly or weakened people can do it. It restores energy very well, but requires long and regular exercise.

Perfectly restores energy and normal running. Regular daily jogging quickly normalizes the energy field, gives you vigor and optimism.

Proper nutrition

The energy of the body is highly dependent on the quality of nutrition. Eliminate from the diet any foods containing preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers and other additives. Eat more natural foods with minimal cooking. Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet, as well as fish. Minimize your consumption of baked goods.

Positive thinking

Try to be optimistic and avoid negative thoughts. Remember that constant worries, thinking about problems in the most negative way affect the energy of the body. Concentrate on the positive, watch comedy, listen to good music, and meet friends. The better you feel, the more powerful your energy and healthier will be.

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