How To Make A Flashing Garland

How To Make A Flashing Garland
How To Make A Flashing Garland

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A Christmas tree these days is unthinkable without a sparkling garland. There are a lot of them in the store, but you can do it yourself. Usually, small incandescent lamps for 2, 5 V, 3, 5 V and 6, 3 V are used for the manufacture of garlands. The easiest way to make a garland with a constant glow. They are made up of a large number of light bulbs connected in series. But on a holiday, I want the tree to sparkle, switch and delight with flashing lights.

make a flashing garland
make a flashing garland


Step 1

The simplest Christmas tree garland can be made on starters from fluorescent lamps. In this case, there is no need for a relay.

Step 2

The breaker will be a starter for lighting the lamps (a glass cylinder filled with an inert gas and having two electrodes). You can also use a dinistor (diode thyristor). If there is no dinistor, you can also use a triode thyristor (type KU201K, KU201L, KU202K, KU202N, KU208V, KU208G, TS 122-8, TS 122-9)

Step 3

The garland itself consists of 10 lamps for a voltage of 26 V or 20 lamps for a voltage of 12.

Use a capacitor of the K50-6 type, resistors of the MLT type. Such a garland will work immediately after plugging into the network.

Step 4

A small Christmas tree can be decorated with two alternately flashing garlands. For a large tree, use garlands with more powerful transistors, you will also need a power supply connected to the mains.

For the garland, you can still use ionic lamps of the MTX90 type or TX18A type. Lamps like MTX90, TX18A (for low-power devices).

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