How To Determine Karma

How To Determine Karma
How To Determine Karma

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The human energy shell is often saturated with negatively charged formations. Their shape is different, but most often psychics see trains or balls. If you identify your karmic inclusions, find out exactly where they are at the moment, you can decode them and transfer them to the zone of consciousness, which gives hope for getting rid of future ailments and enemies.

How to determine karma
How to determine karma


Step 1

Every person can diagnose their karma. Learn to connect with your personal subconscious. The process is much easier than it seems at first. In the course of several workouts, you will be able to freely communicate with the subconscious, which knows almost everything about you. It will tell you your future illnesses, determine negative karmas, their size and localization.

The most accessible method of communication with your subconscious is deciphering your own ideomotor reaction. Consciously accepting impulses from your body, you will be able to conduct a completely constructive dialogue with it.

Step 2

Make yourself a dowsing pendulum. To do this, prepare a thread 30 cm long, hang a load on it, ideally it will be amber or a ring. In training, you can use a pendulum from a simple bolt. Bioenergetics in this way accurately determine karmic "trails" and their characteristics.

Relaxing and concentrating on the pendulum, determine for yourself which direction of movement of the pendulum will mean affirmation and which will mean negation. Many operators do the session mentally, and some need to translate their questions into a sound format, ask them out loud. Experimentally find out exactly how it is convenient for you to work.

Step 3

Now proceed directly to the diagnosis of karma. Ask your subconscious mind: "Is my negative karma heavy?" Assume that negative karma can be insignificant if the train does not exceed 30 cm, medium if the train is in the range from 30 cm to 100 cm, and heavy if the train exceeds 1m.

Step 4

If the pendulum gave an affirmative answer, then start specifying the parameters: "Is the train larger, 80 cm?" If the pendulum gave you a negative answer, shift the direction of the questions downward. Formulate the questions in primitive phrases that the child can understand.

Step 5

Be sure to find out the location of the negative lumps, because if they are in the front hemisphere of your aura, then they have already been activated, their implementation can take place at any time. If such clots of energy hover in the right and left hemispheres of your aura, then they will begin to manifest themselves in the future.

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