Where To Go On New Year's Eve In Moscow

Where To Go On New Year's Eve In Moscow
Where To Go On New Year's Eve In Moscow

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New Year's in the capital can be met in a thousand different places, imagination and financial resources would be enough. The most popular, without a doubt, were and remain Red Square, Gorky Park and Sokolniki.

Where to go on New Year's Eve in Moscow
Where to go on New Year's Eve in Moscow

New Year's Eve on Red Square

If you are ready for a crowd of people, celebrate the New Year on the main square of Moscow. But be prepared to come here a few hours in advance to celebrate the holiday in the square itself, and not in the numerous side streets in its vicinity. Here on New Year's Eve, they show the most interesting audiovisual shows, arrange concerts, and launch the most beautiful fireworks. Although the atmosphere of the "center of the world" is most important, because hundreds of funny people will be with you on Red Square. Snow, stars, lights, music and chimes will remain in memory for a very long time.

However, the holiday can be spoiled by security issues, because you can get to Red Square only through working metal detectors. So, it is better to leave piercing-cutting objects, weapons, flammable substances and glass at home. And pour the champagne into a plastic bottle in advance.

Where else can you go on a festive night?

Fans of outdoor activities can celebrate the New Year, skating in full in Gorky Park. The largest ice rinks in all of Europe operate here in winter. On a festive night, the skating rink includes waltzes, next to it you can play snowballs or run in a huge inflatable ball. At night, discos and karaoke are organized for guests of the park.

To celebrate the New Year comfortably and without problems, warm yourself well and be patient. It is best to bring your own skates to the rink, so at least not queuing up to rent skates.

Public transport on the festive night will operate longer than usual, and the metro will be closed only at two in the morning.

Not far from Gorky Park there is Muzeon, a park of arts, where on a festive night everyone can taste traditional New Year's dishes like Olivier or herring. In addition, culinary master classes will be held here, where they will show and tell you how to cook them. On the territory of "Muzeon" on New Year's Eve there are craft markets, where at the last moment you can buy cute souvenirs for gifts to family and friends.

If you like contemplative solitude, celebrate the New Year on Poklonnaya Hill, where it is not too crowded on a festive night. Here you can see the panorama of Moscow and the most beautiful fireworks.

Various interesting events are held in Sokolniki on New Year's Eve - from a carnival to a gathering of Santa Clauses. Here, guests will be shown New Year's films and invited to participate in traditional amusements such as the siege of a snow fort. If you are going to celebrate a holiday in Sokolniki, be sure to warm yourself. For a comfortable snowball fight, foolish felting in the snow with the whole family, this is simply necessary.

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